Brandon Cornwell

Blacksmith, Woodsmith, and Wordsmith

Fresh from the Forge of Worlds

I’ve got several projects of different sorts that I’m kicking about. The main one is my Dynasty of Storms series, an epic about the kingdom of Lonwick and its surrounding lands. This project is my most ambitions, with as many as thirteen novels planned.

One of my other writing projects is still on the drawing board, but I can hint about it. It relies heavily on gods, elements, and not so much on main characters of the human persuasion.

I also work in chainmaille and carpentry, though I would by no means claim to be a master of woodworking. My wood shop is currently out of commission, and my armoring has been on hiatus as well, but when I am able to get them up and running, I’ll keep this place updated with those as well!

Click the links below to get more information on the projects I’m working on, and some of the stuff I’ve created in the past!

Dynasty of Storms