Brandon Cornwell

Blacksmith, Woodsmith, and Wordsmith

Rising Thunder Cast

Elias of Stromgard

Orphaned at a young age, Elias was an outcast of sorts in his home town of Silva Aestas. When he was a boy, he was already larger and stronger than many fully grown elves. A training accident caused him to accidentally kill his sparring partner, and he was sent to live amongst the humans of the Northlands, away from the coast and his people. He lived there for many years before a rebellion caused him to leave the Northlands and seek a place for himself in the world. A veritable giant, his adventures send him deep into the conflicts brewing in the elven kingdom of Lonwick.


Jonas is a mercenary, taking work mostly as a bodyguard to protect those with enough coin to afford him and his band of sellswords. Jovial, witty, an personable, Jonas travels from city to city earning his pay. While he is boisterous and somewhat politically incorrect, he is a trustworthy companion and a competent strategist when leading his men into a fight. He prefers to avoid combat if at all possible, but if it comes down to drawing steel, he doesn’t shy away.


Raised in a farming community, Martin is a generally surly young man of twenty five. Old enough to know his way around a fight, he is more likely to swing his fists or his axe than he is to negotiate at a disadvantage. As Jonas’s second in command, he acts as the driving force behind keeping order amongst the sometimes unruly group of mercenaries.


Geoff is one of the younger members of the Jonas’s group of sellswords, but he is well liked and essential. He was training to be a priest before he joined with Jonas’s men, and acts as the groups medic. A competent healer, he carries the bandages, sutures, herbs and whatnot that keeps the group fighting.

The Dark Knight

A mysterious figure that Elias meets on the road, the Dark Knight is seeking Elias for some unknown purpose. Wielding a giant greatsword as well as dark magic, the knight is a formidable foe with a dark connection to Elias.