Brandon Cornwell

Blacksmith, Woodsmith, and Wordsmith

Elves of Erde

Elves of the Forest

In the Kingdom of Lonwick, elves make up the vast majority of citizens. Residing mostly in the great Lonwick Valley, they nevertheless have outposts throughout the kingdom, where they maintain the King Alberic Leonus’s law, and carry out his decrees.

The vast majority of the elves in Lonwick are blonde of hair, blue or green of eye, and slight of build. They tend to work in crafts that take high amounts of skill; Jewelers, engineers, swordsmiths, fletchers, bowyers, and so many more. While dwarves have a reputation as the greatest stonemasons in the realm, the work of the elves is often ornate, delicate, and yet strong enough to stand up against the tests of time. Throughout the land of Lonwick, their cities and settlements are adorned with carved stone and wood that has lasted throughout the ages.

Elves of the Greenreef Islands

In the islands far to the west, across the sea, there are elves who are born as pale as sea foam, yet turn as blue as the summer sky as they tan under the tropical sun. They live their lives free under the fair skies of the Greenreef islands, traveling between the islands in their canoes and catamarans. They are expert swimmers, often seeming to disappear under the sea for far longer than any mainlander could hope to rival. This has given rise to the rumor that they actually have gills, though this has yet to be confirmed.

Sea Elves, as they are called, are skilled in the use of spears, axes, and bows, and create beautiful works of art with the shells, agates, corals, and gemstones that they find on their islands. Obsidian is a central theme in their crafts, and often decorates their leatherwork. The garments that come from the islands, though made of leather and woven grass, are among some of the most comfortable and durable garments to be found in the kingdom.

Dark Elves of the Burning Sands

Over the mountains to the east of the Lonwick Valley lies a great desert that stretches for farther than a man can ride on horseback before he is taken by heat and thirst. The scant water that falls here soaks up the salt that covers the ground, rendering it impotable. Here, the only civilized live above ground are the roving bands of Dark Elves, their skin burned as black as coal. Covered head to to in dark robes that cover their faces, they ride their horses between the scattered oasis, attacking merchants and travelers if they do not pay their exorbitant tolls, which are more aptly called ransoms. They handle their curved swords, spears, and bows expertly from horseback, and are a force to be reckoned with when on foot as well, using their blades with expert skill to fend off opponents both mounted and on foot.

Northern Frost Elves

Far to the north, there are rumors of another group of elves, white of skin and hair, that live in the deep snows that cover the land, even farther north than the kingdoms of men. Though not much is known about them, they are described as having blue eyes and hair as white as freshly fallen snow. Their fingernails are as glass, polished and gleaming, and they seem to be unaffected by the cold, dressing in simple, light garments of woven cotton. They have never been seen in groups, with reports only of single individuals, and whenever any travelers attempted to contact them, they were driven back by fierce blizzards before they could ever find any trace of the Frost Elves.