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Men and Women of Erde

Men of Lonwick

In the country of Lonwick, there are men and women of all shapes and sizes. People from both the north and the east are represented, however, the vast majority of humans in Lonwick are of slightly shorter, stockier stature. The men are between five and a half and six feel tall, with the women averaging about six inches shorter, between five and five and a half feet tall. There are, however, significant outliers within the human race, with individuals being considerably shorter or taller. Most individuals have brown or black hair, and brown eyes. Their settlements tend towards the far north end of the kingdom, or along the coast, where fishing and lumber industries are vibrant.

Towns tend to be built near the industries they grow to support, and generally start out surrounding a town gathering center, a tavern, and a collection of shops and markets. Buildings are mostly constructed of wood, and are rebuilt as necessary. Militias tend to be armed with longbows, axes, and spears, and experience varies with these weapons from individual to individual.


Men of the Northlands

Taller and stronger than their southern brethren, the men of the north tend towards six to six and a half feet tall, with heavier builds and broad shoulders. Both men and women of the north are naturally strong, with northern women tending towards blonde or red hair, and blue or green eyes, and nearly as tall as the men, averaging around six feet tall. Men are thickly bearded as a rule, with deep red or brown hair, and blue or brown eyes. Blonde haired, blue eyed men are not unknown, but definitely are the exception, rather than the rule. Most Northmen are lumberjacks, hunters, or masons, building their structures and walls with heavy stone and thick timbers.

Northmen tend to favor melee weapons over ranged, but they are not inept at archery. Rather, they use bows at much closer range than most others, waiting for a sure shot before firing, as if they were hunting game. Their swords tend to be much larger, like they themselves, with the two handed greatsword being a staple of the infantry of the Northmen.


Men of the East

The men that share the desert with the dark elves of the Burning Sands have grown to adapt to it, just as the elves have. Their skin is a duskier hue than their coastal cousins, though not nearly as dark as the elves, or even the dwarves of their homeland. They take a backseat in the desert society, filling roles like farmer, laborer, so on and so forth, seldom branching into the merchant class, and rarely in any form of power. The exception would be the wizards of the deserts, who are made up entirely of men who seem to live unnaturally long lives, and wield control over the desert winds, being able to call up sand or fire storms at will.

The men tend to be somewhat shorter than those from Lonwick, ranging generally from five foot three to five foot nine, with no real difference in height or build between men and women. Black hair is the only shade known in the desert, with various shades of brown eyes adorning both men and women. Industries tend towards things like maintaining the few aqueducts, repairing buildings, tending to livestock, or running the precious few farms in the region.