Brandon Cornwell

Blacksmith, Woodsmith, and Wordsmith

The Northlands and the Kingdom of Men

The Kingdom

The Northlands, as they are collectively called, are ruled by warrior kings, for as long as they can hold their territories. Historically, the men of the north were disorganized, raiding each other and the settlements of Lonwick that were near to the borders of the Northlands, but over the last century, they have been brought to heel under the Kingdom of Stromgard, the capital of which sits at the base of the great Stromgard Mountain, the tallest mountain in the region.

All manner of men lived in the Northlands, having adapted to the various climates and geography of their settlements. To the northwest of the Stromgard mountain, a vast network of caves has been converted into strongholds and living quarters, where the men work hand in hand with dwarves to produce weapons of exceptional quality.

On the coast, the Northmen raid as far south as the borders of Lonwick, and as far north as the sheets of ice that touch the sea, collecting gold, steel, and other goods from merchants vessels and seaside villages. Since the King of Stromgard united the kingdoms, though, these ships have been turned towards less destructive tasks, such as acting as a navy for the newly expanded kingdom.


The People

The men of the North are a strong, hearty folk. Generally standing taller than their southern brethren, it is not uncommon to see a man standing at six and a half feet tall. Blonde and red hair abound, though brown or black hair is by no means rare. Blue eyes are as common as brown, while green eyes are prized and seen as beautiful.

The folk of the north are sturdy, often sporting barrel chests and thick legs, making them somewhat impressive to behold in battle. They have a reputation as fearsome warriors, and tend to specialize in greatswords, longbows, and great axes. They travel and fight as often on foot as they do mounted, and their steeds are just as tall and powerful as they are.

There are few elves in the north, as the men there feel that they are an inferior southern race. They have, however, bonded very closely with dwarves, who resemble them in many ways, except for height, of course. The dwarves of the Northlands enjoy a much better social position than their southern cousins, and are allowed to attend meetings and cast votes as full members of Northern society. Brown and red hair abound, and blue and brown eyes make up the vast majority of dwarves in the North.