Brandon Cornwell

Blacksmith, Woodsmith, and Wordsmith


Here’s a collection of things I have made with metal, working mostly in steel, copper, and brass. I’ve got a few projects rolling about that I’ll get up here as I get time to drag them out and photograph them. These projects are all from years past, where I didn’t have the ability/foresight to take pictures as I made these things, and sometimes, all I have left of them is the picture of the finished product, more’s the pity. Any future projects I take on will have progress pics, as well as explanations of what is going on during the creation process.



Haubergeon with Coif and Mantle

Made of galvanized steel and copper, this was the second suit of armor I ever completed. The haubergeon (the armor shirt) weighed about thirty five pounds, while the coif and mantle was between fifteen and twenty pounds. I used 14 gauge steel wire, spun on a 3/8″ mandrel and cut by hand.

Hauberk “The Juggernaut”

This was my next to last full suit of chainmaille, and my most ambitions. Made of galvanized steel and copper, this hauberk weighed in at a literally staggering 75 lbs. The rings I used were 14 gauge, 3/4 hard temper, spun on a 5/16″ mandrel, and cut with hand nippers.

Stainless Steel Haubergeon

This haubergeon is by far my most expensive completed suit, being made of 3/4 hard temper spring stainless steel rings, trimmed in brass, all pre-cut. It weighs in close to 40 lbs.

Chainmaille Dress

This dress was made with the same rings that my coif and mantle suit was made with, 3/8″ hand cut 14 gauge galvanized steel. It weighs approximately 25 lbs.

Copper Vest

Made as a rush commission for a Halloween costume, I made this vest in 12 days in 2008. It has around 9500 rings, and weighed in close to 20 lbs. The rings were work hardened copper, 3/8″ diameter, pre-cut.


Steel Saber

This sword started out as a 5/8″ cold rolled steel rod, and had a surprising amount of spring to it once I was done forging it. The handle is made of black walnut that is riveted onto the tang with 8D penny nails as rivets. The bar hilt was a part of the sword blank that I cut off for length, and is held in place by the handle.

Steel Kukri

I made this blade shortly after I made the saber. I cut the basic shape out of the steel plate (1/8″ hot rolled steel), then heated it with the torch, and tossed it into a pile of packed snow. It’s amazing that I never got any cracks in it…


Copper, Brass, and Hematite Handflower

I made this when I started going down the rabbit hole of jewelry design. The main structure is made with brass and copper, while the beads themselves are made of hematite. I’ve always liked how copper and hematite look together.