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When I started writing, I thought that the first draft would be the most difficult part. Hammering out the story itself from nothingness, creating form from the void, I thought that would be the most taxing part of the creative process. Boy was I wrong.

I got to revising, after a bit of beta reader feedback, and that was pretty taxing. I had a HUGE rewrite, adding an entire character arc, and weaving it into the rest of the story, and polishing up the rest of my prose. I had to blend the chapters I’d written first tot he ones I added before and after them, and it was super involved. Once I got into a groove though, it was super easy.

Now I’m editing. I spoke with a few people who offered me their services, but in the end, my timeline was too aggressive for them to be able to fit it into their busy lives, and I totally get it. Nobody should have to do work for free, and I’m not able to pay them.

So here I am, on page 15 of 340, looking for typos, paranoid that I’m going to miss something and look like an idiot when I publish this at the end of March. Part of me wants this book to be my Magnum Opus, and another part of me wants my series to get better as it goes.


Know what I mean?

Written by Brandon Cornwell in February 22, 2017 / 985 Views

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