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Publishing Progress

Almost halfway there!

144 pages have been edited for spelling, grammar, and flow. While I am somewhat certain that I’ll miss something here or there, it’s being dramatically improved! Almost halfway there, and with any luck, I’ll be done by Saturday. If not, then no more than another week, as I balance my passion and my day job.


I’ve got my Amazon author account set up, and I’ll be selling on iTunes as well! I’ve found that Google has temporarily suspended new authors on their Google Play Books store, which is a HUGE disappointment, but unfortunately unavoidable. In the meantime, I’ve been learning how to format my work into ebook format, both epub and mobi, adding a table of contents, so on and so forth.

My awesome brother, who has agreed to create the cover for my book, has done up a bit of fan art, drawing the main character of Dynasty of Storms, who he had a hand in helping me define over the years. You can see the picture in the Cast section of my Dynasty of Storms page, here! The rest of his amazing art is on his DeviantArt page, as well as his Patreon site!

In any case, I have a full day ahead of me, and I’m gonna go get some more sleep! Thanks for reading!

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