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Audiobook is in the works!

So, on Wednesday, I was contacted by a publisher of Audiobooks, Podium Publishing! They were interested in creating the audiobook versions of my ENTIRE SERIES! On Thursday, I signed the paperwork, and on Friday, it was finalized; I sent over the manuscript, outline for the entire series storyline, and they’re getting to work on casting a narrator!

Podium Publishing is one of the forefront publishers of Epic Fantasy audiobooks, and some of their credits include Edward W. Robertson, Jonathan Renshaw, Kel Kade, Terry Mancour… and of course Andy Weir and his hugely successful novel, The Martian!

To say that I am excited is an understatement. I’ve set into motion the necessary steps to become a full time author; as of August 1st, I will no longer work at my day job of selling cellular devices, and I will be, for the first time ever, living my dream of being a full time, dedicated writer! I’ve got at least eleven books in this series that need to be written, and if any of them show even a little bit of the success that Rising Thunder has shown, then this is the first step into the rest of my life!

I meant to get this post written up yesterday, but what with all of the communications and being bitten by the writing bug, it kinda fell off the shelf. Ah well. A little late is better than never!


As always, thanks for reading, and I look forward to releasing the next book, once it’s all finished up!


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