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Hello! It’s been a while, yeah, but not as long as usual! As usual, I’m gonna talk about how busy I’ve been, so on and so forth, how that’s a good thing, and what it means for the continuation of the Dynasty of Storms saga.

When I started writing Rising Thunder in July of 2015, I had originally envisioned a two book set, with the start of Elias’s story in the first one, up until things really got serious, and then the second book filling out his arc. The next two books were going to be for Amethyst (the main character in the Mage’s Trilogy), then it would go on from there, with three other two book sets and then a trilogy at the end to cap it all off.

Well, the saga has, of course, evolved since then. Elias got three books and a third of a million words, Amethyst’s story has expanded to a trilogy that overlaps the same timeline as Elias’s, and the three two book sets were turned into two trilogies. The trilogy at the end was expanded to five books, and a final trilogy was added to wrap up the whole saga. Ten books expanded to a planned twenty. Two additional series have been planned (with 4-5 standalone books and 8-9 standalone books, respectively) set in the same world, but not necessarily in the same saga. As I have said a number of times, the World of Erde just keeps getting bigger.

Now, up to this point, I’ve been exclusive to Amazon with my digital editions, but, July, there will be some changes coming. Some of you have already seen the shadows of these changes, but all I can say is to keep your eyes peeled! Erde will be popping up in places you might not expect!

In November of 2018, I wrote almost 100,000 words. I spent the following months re-editing my first trilogy, then editing Snowfall. Now, I’m halfway through Avalanche, and a week ahead of schedule. Go me! I’m at 57,000 words of a planned ~115k. I should be done with the beta draft by July 31st with time to spare. That gives me August to take some time to get out into the wilderness, perhaps go over Songs of the Northlands again (I’ve learned a lot about editing since I wrote that one), and cool my heels a little.

Avalanche is on track to be published on October 1st of this year, keeping with my six month release schedule. After that, I’ll have the last book in the Mage’s Trilogy to write, which will be titled Frostbite. After that, maybe I’ll write the next story collection, or maybe I’ll take a moment to write the first book in another setting.

What setting is that, you ask? Well you’ll just have to wait and see! I can say that it’s going to be a significant departure from the epic fantasy genre that I’ve been writing for the last two years.

In any case, I’d better get back to it! Every word I write here is another that isn’t going towards Avalanche!

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