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I think it is abundantly obvious, now, that I missed my October publishing deadline… and then the April publishing deadline… and now, I’m two books behind schedule. A lot of things have happened in the last eight months, most of which are of a personal nature, so I’m not going to go into any real detail here. Suffice it to say that life has been a parade of juggling and being tossed up, and as such, well, certain deadlines have been pushed back.

Avalanche was completed on time, fully edited, and was just waiting on a cover, but, I started thinking about the progression and the way the story was presented, and, well… I can do better. The bulk of the story is just fine, but there are certain parts that just need to be rewritten. Once things settle down and stabilize for me, that is the first thing on the to-do list.

The sequel to Avalanche (and the final book in Amethyst’s trilogy), Frostbite, is also mostly written, but suffers from the same implementation issues that Avalanche has, and so I’ll be revising the direction in which I am taking it before I finish writing this trilogy. It comes right behind finishing and publishing Avalanche.

In other news, the Audible version of Snowfall has been live for a while, and it is absolutely stellar! Caren Naess just completely kills it narrating Amethyst, and I can’t wait to give Podium Publishing a finished manuscript for Avalanche and Frostbite. I love Caren’s performance so much, and look forward to hearing her finish reading the trilogy aloud.

In any case, to wrap it up, thing have happened, futures have been rearranged, and the present is a little less certain than it was last June, but, as in all things, we soldier forward and continue the march. I may have a few roadblocks in my way that weren’t there this time last year, but nothing is impossible to overcome. It just takes time. Time and patience and a positive outlook on life.

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