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Sixteen days!

Well, all of the editing is done for Dynasty of Storms Vol I, Book I. It has been for about a week or two now. I think I’ve figured out the whole eBook formatting thing, as it seems to work well on the devices I’ve been able to test it on. Just waiting on a cover now, and finishing up making the maps.

I know I’ve been a it absent on here, and for that I do definitely apologize. I’m doing my best to not go entirely out of my mind with stress and anxiety. This book has been over twenty years in the making, and it could very well kickstart my writing career, which would be a dream come true.

Sixteen more days before it comes up for sale on Amazon. Just sixteen more days.

*slowly crumbles into a small pile of vaguely author shaped crumbs*

Written by Brandon Cornwell in March 15, 2017 / 970 Views

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