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The World of Erde expands!

So, when I started writing, originally, the world was set in a Dungeons & Dragons setting, the Forgotten Realms. Well, for pretty obvious reasons, I decided to NOT use that world (My adventures were anything but canon, and getting the rights to write in that world would be like pulling teeth… no thanks!), and went about trying to create my own world. Most of the time, I was living in a place that didn’t evoke the kind of passion that my homeland brought me.

See, I was raised on the northern coast of California, in the heart of the old growth redwood trees, majestic mountains and rivers, and picturesque beaches. So, when I picked up the pen again, I was living back where I had grown up, and I drew very heavily from the coastal ranges, their flora and fauna, and the geology. I was still trying to create at least a map that was unique when it dawned one me, honestly, I have never seen a fantasy novel that used real world geography. So, to maps I went!

I am, of course, taking some creative liberties with the world. Seagate Cove doesn’t really exist on the island of Hawaii, nor does the cave and valley where Elias and company encounter the scouting party from the Felle Army. However, as some of my beta readers have reported, anyone who is familiar with the geography I am referring to will recognize different places and can start drawing analogies.

So that’s where a large part of this website comes in! I plan on doing this for a good long time, and in that case, I need more and more material to keep it going! I’ve fleshed out the three major kingdoms and the races that populate them. As I move forward, I’ll continue to add more and more material,but for now, I’ve just completed adding the pages about Humans and Dwarves, as well as the region of the Burning Sands. You can find these pages under the World of Erde in the menu, Regions and Races, respectively, or by following the links above.

As time goes on, I’ll be adding maps of these regions on their respective pages. I hope that you find these pages to be complimentary resources to my writing!

Thanks again for reading my work! It means a lot to me!

Written by Brandon Cornwell in March 4, 2017 / 1227 Views

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