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Updates, updates, updates!

Every time I come on here, I end up apologizing for being so absent for so long, but rest assured, I have good reasons!

The number of typos I had to fix in that sentence was obscene. Anyways, moving along!

So, as the menu above shows, Book 2 of the Dynasty of Storms saga, Thunderbolt, is now live on both Amazon Kindle and Paperback, and Barnes and Noble hardcover. Podium Publishing will be working on the Audible audiobook starting in January, which is going to be excellent, of course.

I spent the vast majority of the time between the last update and now working on Thunderbolt, fine tuning it as much as I could, what with being my own editor and all. As it was, there were a few mistakes I made I had to fix post-release, which is embarrassing, of course, but they were relatively minor and easy to fix.

One of the biggest things that happened during the revision process was that I cut about 45k words from the end of the story, dropping Thunderbolt from 153k words down to ~108k. You see, originally, Elias was only going to get two books, then I was going to move on to another character’s point of view. However, along with my beta readers, I felt that the last third of the book felt very much like the story kind of started again and rushed to completion. There wasn’t much closure, and the story felt… unfinished.

So I made a difficult decision, which I think is for the best. I have reworked the last seven chapters into the first seven chapters of a third book. Following Thunderbolt, there will now be a third novel in Elias’s portion of the Dynasty of Storms series, titled Storm’s Break. That means we get more of the giant elf that we all know and love!

Another pro of this decision is that instead of starting Book 3 from scratch, changing tone and time period and whatnot, I am already over 47k into the third book. Starting a novel is always the hardest thing for me; there are fewer words I hate typing more than “Chapter One.”

Moist might be one of them.

This morning, about half an hour ago, in fact, I finished turning my existing material into new chapters for Book 3. Chapter Eight will commence shortly, starting my push into all new material. My goal is to have this next book roughed out by either the end of January (hard push of ~1300 words/day) or February  (Easier at ~800/day). Then it goes out to be read by my trusted opinion-givers, revised by my less-than-trusted editor (me), and then an April or May release date.

We’ll see what happens, I suppose!

In the meantime, I am going to do my best to get through my Terrible Writing Advice posts, as well as finishing fleshing out information about Erde, but if you want to see more of what I say or share on short notice, follow me on Facebook. You can find the link at the top right of each page, but for those of you who like to click embedded links, you can click this one!

As always, thank you for reading, and beware in your journeys through Erde; things have been getting pretty dicey.

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